Company profile:

Shandong jinkeli power technology co., ltd, founded in 1982, headquartered in Zichuan economic development zone, zibo city, is the largest high-tech enterprise in China, integrating lead-acid battery additive product research and development, production, marketing and technical services as one of the high-tech enterprises, is a member of the international advanced battery Federation alabc, China electrical industry association lead-acid battery professional branch lizhi unit.

Our company is the drafting unit of " technical specification for lead-acid battery accessories ( composite additives )" national standard and " lead - acid battery additives" industry standard. The company currently produces premixed composite additives, barium sulfate, staple fiber, solid state ( 4bs seed crystal ), graphite, KL - 99 antioxidant oil, charcoal powder, cork powder, annular seamless coating plate and strip, etc. it is a strategic partner of Norwegian Pauline and Cabot high performance carbon black. The premix compound additive products for battery are widely used in battery industry. High - quality battery additives can be integrated in our jinkeli solution.

Job requirements:

1, strong creative, planning ability, good word expression ability, quick thinking;

2, graphic designers will skillfully use Photoshop, cdr, ai, and other commonly used design and production software;

3, work earnestly, have a sense of responsibility, steadfast willing to do, full of team spirit;

4, have a good art foundation, good creative ability.

Tel: 0533 - 5310399 / 5312888

Address: No.8 shengchuan road, Malian mountain, Zichuan economic development zone, zibo city, Shandong province