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    Leader in global battery additive solutions.

    Leader in global battery additive solutions.

    Leader in global battery additive solutions.

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Vanisperse 系列木素


Baolige is the world's leading producer of lignin products. In the field of lignin technology, pauli ge's professional high-skilled r & d team has rich experience and superb skills, all members are committed to continuously improve the existing production line, and develop new solutions to meet customer requirements.

Vanisperse series of sodium lignosulfonate products produced by Norwegian baolige co., ltd are made of Chinese fir ( Cunninghamia lanceolata ) with the specific age of 50 ~ 60 in Norway, and the product structure is stable. Its products have been used in the global battery industry for more than 40 years, is the most widely used sodium lignosulfonate products, in the leading position in the world, is generally recognized and accepted by the industry.

Existing vanisperse series lignin products are a, ht - 1, DCA, at. In August 2016, pauli ge established a joint laboratory in jinkeli, which will analyze and study the application of sodium lignosulfonate products in different batteries, subdivide the functions of the products, continuously innovate, quickly and accurately grasp the market dynamics, and provide an overall solution suitable for the needs of customers.


Cabot is a global high-performance materials company dedicated to becoming the preferred partner for our customers. For 130 years, Cabot has been a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals such as carbon black.

Cabot provides the highest standards of products, services and the latest technological innovations to its global customers in a timely manner through its worldwide production and manufacturing bases.Cabot has industry-leading production scale and technology depth, and its business covers various battery-related carbon particle size, morphology and surface characteristics, and can adjust and control the relevant properties of materials. Engineers and designers of its advanced batteries can use carbon black additives to improve battery life and performance and reduce battery costs, providing significant value in customer applications.

Cabot PBX TM series high performance carbon black products are PBX 09, PBX 51, PBX 55, PBX 135.

In August 2015, jinkeli and Cabot formally established a joint laboratory, which is based on the comprehensive strategic cooperation in the field of high performance carbon materials and graphene, to achieve breakthrough in the battery material industry in the field of cutting-edge technology, at the same time, continuous innovation, fast and accurate grasp of market dynamics, to provide the overall solution for customer needs.

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